By Malcolm Dunjey | ISBN 9780645183528

As a doctor-priest working through two churches – an Episcopal Church and Baptist church – in two places, Aden and Jibla, Malcolm Dunjey managed the roles of both doctor and pastor. In the context of repressive Islam, which forbade Yemenis owning a Bible or turning to Jesus, Malcolm and his wife led an exciting and challenging life.

The couple were based there from 1996 and 97, before going back again in 2003. Malcolm was surprised that his patients had the same list of 20th century complaints that we in the western world ‘enjoyed’: overweight/obesity, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, kidney failures, hypertension and so on.

Women continued to have 14 plus pregnancies, most of the children surviving with modern care, but there was insufficient food to feed them. The current civil war has been absolutely devastating and all of Malcolm’s patients had been affected in some way. The Yemeni nursing staff working with Malcolm had been well trained in the Jibla hospital school and in practical skills they were exceptional.

Working as a pastor in an expatriate church in Yemen was the same as working in a church back in Australia. It presented no problems, except making sure you said nothing derogatory of Islam. Yemen is Malcolm Dunjey’s story.

Malcolm Dunjey is a medical doctor and ordained minister who has worked with Audrey his wife in multiple countries. He retired at age 80 and has been busy writing ever since. This book is specifically about Yemen, the last country they visited.

Born in Perth, Western Australia, he and Audrey, married for 64 years, have a total of 23 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Malcolm is both a medical doctor and ordained pastor. They worked in Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Yemen, either for government or as medical missionaries. He has written 3 books To the City of the Great King (autobiography); 136 Questions about God… (theological); Stethoscopes Kiaps and the Law of the Jungle (PNG cannibals), and this book as medical missionaries in YEMEN.