By Dr. Malcolm Dunjey | ISBN 9780645103168

Stethoscopes, Kiaps and the Law of the Jungle is the story of Dr. Malcolm Dunjey, a now retired doctor and pastor who, with wife Audrey and three young children, went to live for six years in Papua New Guinea in 1966.

Based on the island of Daru, the district headquarters, he was the District Medical Officer, where he joined three patrols, the subjects of this book. Malcolm was the first government doctor who went with PNG patrol officers in 1966-69 into uncontrolled cannibal areas.

This is the first time that complete patrol records have been published, with permission from the PNG National Archives.

Stethoscopes, Kiaps and the Law of the Jungle focuses on patrol officers known as “Kiaps”. These were young Australian men recruited from age 18 to lead patrols in Papua New Guinea. It provides a snap-shot into uncontrolled murders and cannibalism, including an account of a ‘lost’ valley in the mountainous north of the poorly developed Western District (now Province) in the 1960s.

Malcolm retired at age 80. He and Audrey have been married for 64 years and together have four children, 9 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.