Stethoscopes, Kiaps and the Law of the Jungle

By Dr. Malcolm Dunjey | ISBN 9780645103168 Stethoscopes, Kiaps and the Law of the Jungle is the story of Dr. Malcolm Dunjey, a now retired doctor and pastor who, with wife Audrey and three young children, went to live for six years in Papua New Guinea in 1966. Based on the island of Daru, the […]


By Malcolm Dunjey | ISBN 9780645183528 As a doctor-priest working through two churches – an Episcopal Church and Baptist church – in two places, Aden and Jibla, Malcolm Dunjey managed the roles of both doctor and pastor. In the context of repressive Islam, which forbade Yemenis owning a Bible or turning to Jesus, Malcolm and […]

To the City of the Great King

By Dr. Malcolm Dunjey | ISBN 9781921589218 They confessed they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth… for here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city which is to come…whose architect and builder is God… who has prepared a city…the city of the Great King. They confessed they […]

136 Questions About God’s Word and His World

By Dr. Malcolm Dunjey | ISBN 9780648173403 The philosophy and practice of Christianity poses many questions. 136 Questions selects exactly that: 136 questions on a range of biblical issues. Some are formal, some casual during the argument – all focused on helping the reader understand some of the Bible’s great unanswered questions. Some questions are […]