By Dr. Malcolm Dunjey | ISBN 9780648173403

The philosophy and practice of Christianity poses many questions. 136 Questions selects exactly that: 136 questions on a range of biblical issues. Some are formal, some casual during the argument – all focused on helping the reader understand some of the Bible’s great unanswered questions.

Some questions are provocative about the nature of God:

* Did he really order the genocide of the tribes occupying the Promised Land when the Jews were poised to enter it and God said “Show no mercy”?

* Is there the possibility of a hiatus between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New?

* Why did Jesus die?

Some questions deal with the nature of the eternity to come, questions such as whether Jesus believed in hell with its flames and worms.

If you have questions, then 136 Questions might just help you with some of the answers.